MeteoHelix® IoT
precision micro-weather stations

Affordable and robust for agriculture, 
long-term precision for research.

Professional Precision

Prooven precision meeting WMO guidelines in professional meteorological applications and climate research.

Easy to Use for Everyone

No-wires. No-connectors. Mount anywhere and register on the web and enjoy professional quality weather conditions data.

Wireless - Solar Powered

Using wireless IoT technologies with 10 mile range on solar-power alone. No-batteries, no-maintenance.
 Sigfox-ready. LoRaWAN-ready

Precision in Agriculture

MeteoHelix is the only agricultural weather station that gives you the confidence required to make big decisions based on weather. It is used around the world in professional precision farming and greenhouse applications.

Cost-effective & Precise

Designed around the award winning MeteoShield® Professional, it is able to deliver proven top-notch and consistent long-term measurement precision. The best part is, it is trully affordable.

Easy to Install & Easy Data Access

Comes with free access to the weather portal. Features an open communication protocol to give you the flexibility of choice in your future hardware and data decisions. It's your data!

Total weather station solution lets you mix and match sensors to your requirements.

MeteoWind IoT Pro

Wireless anemometer and wind vane per WMO and NWS standards.

MeteoRain IoT Compact

Wireless automatic rain gauge with a compact design. MeteoRain IoT 400 WMO and NWS conforming rain gauge is coming soon.

MeteoHelix IoT Pro

Wireless weather station to WMO and NWS standards.

Ready to master your outdoor micro-climate?